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I have not blogged since July of 2015 due to the fact that my Lovely Wife was diagnosed with 2 types of cancer. A new case of breast cancer which has metastasized and gone to her bones, mainly her back. She had a mastectomy of her left breast which showed the type of cancer that was in her bones. She has been taking an oral med. every day and she has a port under her skin to receive a liquid med. She has gone through one round of radiation treatments to stop some pain in her back. That gave her GERD and the med for that was nasty tasting. The bone cancer has caused the vertebra in her lower back to pinch her left sciatic nerve causing her pain, numbness and foot drag. She also has skin cancer that has only been partly addressed.

I have been busy taking care of her as the treatments have left her weak and sickly. She can not drive so I have to drive her to her appointments and treatments. I also have to do all the cooking and most of what cleaning we do. So I do not have a lot of time for blogging. However the installment of the review of the Schaeffer Ultrafine 0.3mm pencil marks what I hope will be a new review every month. However some of my future reviews may seem familiar as they may be a review of a pencil or pen that I have reviewed before just in another size due to my limited collection of writing instruments and the economic state of our nation.

I am grateful to George Fox for wanting me to do a review of another one of his pencils. I think that as a reader of my humble blog, may fine of interest as the Schaeffer Ultra Fine is a very unusual pencil.

So please excuse my absence and as a reader of my humble blog I hope that you enjoy the review of this unique pencil.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Needle Point vs Conical Point

Generally speaking by design a conical point is going to be stronger than a needle point. A cone is stronger than a rod (unless that rod is very, very fat). Generally a conical point is made for writing while a needle point is made for mechanical drawing where a straight edge is used. The conical shape allows for writing at various angles while remaining strong. A needle tip with it's thin sleeve allows the nib to get very close to the straight edge for more accurate lines. Also needle points are usually the ones made in the smallest diameters for thinner lines. For free hand drawing it's my guess that it's whatever suites the artist best.

Ink flow depends more on ink chemistry than pen point, to a degree. Some needle points flow better than some conical points and vice versa. It's a matter of trying out the one that flows best in the point style of your choice. Of course nib size does play a factor in ink flow. Generally the broader the point the easier the ink flows, but not always. Again it's a matter of trial and error to find the right combination of point shape, size and ink chemistry that best suites the user (hey, if we were all the same then we'd need only one pen! How boring would that be? ).

While a conical point is stronger than a needle point this does not mean that one is overall better than the other. Purpose has a lot to due with the point shape chosen, as discussed. However there is some cross over of purpose between the 2 styles and either can be used for either purpose. But some posters have written that needle points are fragile and that they break easily. I'd like to address that point (pun intended) this way, don't be so heavy handed! Literally.

When I first started using the then new 0.5mm drafting pencils I busted the sleeve right off of 3 pencils before I learned not to be so heavy handed while writing and drawing, something I've had to relearn a time or two. HB lead in a modern pencil makes a dark enough line one shouldn't have to press hard to make a perfectly legible mark. The same goes for the modern gel/liquid ink pen. The only reason anyone needs to press hard when writing is when making carbon copies (and copy machines have almost freed us from that). BTW a medium or broad point ballpoint pen is best for carbons, less tearing of the paper.

So my final thoughts (in this post anyway) on the subject is pick your point wisely. Consider all the factors involved in your choice. If possible, try as many pens as you can before buying. Lastly, write softly and carry a BIG pen!

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